Ackerman Capital Management provides employers a number of important fiduciary services to help manage their retirement benefit, including consultation on plan design and expenses, support in maintaining retirement plan committees, and assistance in creating an investment policy statement.  We also draw on our decades of investment experience to select and monitor the investment choices within the plan.

Our efforts in the retirement plan space are led by Anne Rushing, a Chartered Retirement Plans SpecialistSM (CRPS®) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®), with over 15 years of institutional retirement plan experience at TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments.  Her expertise in assisting companies with plan performance analysis, employee engagement, and plan design has been utilized by a range of national and regional clients including Texas Christian University, University of Arkansas, Oklahoma State University, Belo Corporation, Braum’s, and Starbucks.

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Key components

Plan Design / Needs Assessment 

Integrating company culture, business objectives, employee demographics, and current plan engagement enables us to create an efficient and effective retirement plan benefit.

Employee Engagement

Employees are the best indicator of plan performance.  Savings rates and balances, participation levels, investment allocations, and the attainment of the organization’s business objectives are factored into periodic measurements and effective communication/education programs.

Investment Lineup Selection/Performance Monitoring

Establishing clear goals and objectives for the plan’s investment options in the Investment Policy Statement is the first step in delivering a meaningful benefit.  Active monitoring of the selected investments and employee utilization are critical to the process. 

Expense Analysis

It’s critical to understand total plan expenses and service value when evaluating your plan.

Fiduciary Support 

Operating under the fiduciary standards established is paramount, and ACM provides comprehensive support to clients through the organization of retirement plan committees, investment selection and monitoring, administrative oversight, and benchmarking.

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Effective June 9, 2017, all individuals who provide advice to retirement plans, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), must abide by the fiduciary standard.  What does the fiduciary standard mean?  This means that your advisor must put your interests first before their own or that of the firm, make prudent recommendations, charge reasonable compensation and make no misrepresentations to you regarding recommended investments.  The recommendations made by your advisor must be based upon your specific investment needs and objectives.  The fiduciary standard is applicable to any recommendations that your advisor makes to you, the client, for your retirement account.  Please note the firm does have policies and procedures in place to monitor this level of fiduciary responsibility for our clients.