Ackerman Capital Management provides investment advisory services to high-net worth clients, families, foundations, and institutions. We work with these clients to identify, implement, and achieve their specific investment and financial objectives.

Through our long-time custodial partnership with Schwab Advisor Services, we can manage a full range of accounts including private brokerage, IRA’s and other retirement accounts, college savings accounts, trusts, estates, charitable accounts, and organizational accounts of various types.

We utilize state of the art technology to provide our clients with easily accessible and understandable portfolio reporting and performance data in an effort to make the entire investment process as transparent as possible.

We will soon offer our clients the ability to generate the same depth of portfolio reporting and performance data on all of their investment accounts, not just the ones under our management. This service allows clients to view a true, global picture of their overall investment holdings and their performance.

For clients who seek the most comprehensive reporting on their overall financial health, we will provide real-time accounting and reporting at the net worth level that incorporates all assets and liabilities. Along with this service, we offer our clients the most advanced planning tools and collaborative with them make long-term projections of wealth accumulation and retirement income, and to gauge the impact of important decisions on lifetime cash flows. Clients are also given unlimited access to secure electronic storage for all of their most important documents and records.

Finally, we will offer our clients monthly budgeting and cash flow reporting. This allows our clients to track bank, credit card, and other monthly cash flows, and to set budgets and monitor spending and savings goals. 

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